New at g2:
  • Astronomical discount: 15% off for astronomical instruments!
  • Modular Mounts for Optical Tables:
    g2 introduces the OTX product family aimed at teaching and research laboratories. Both 3- and 4- legged configurations available.
  • Large kinematic mounts for robotics and automation:
    The new MKM product family features a combination of large sizes (up to M100) and low cost. Designed for the factory floor, air blast cleaning is available to ensure debris-free operation.
  • New instructional videos, now playing:
    "The Stool is a Red Herring (06:44)", and
    "Re-inventing the Sphere (09:16)"
  • It's experiment time, the heat is on. Do you know where your measurement instruments are?
    Our kinematic mounts will help you ensure that you do.

Precise, ruggedized, high-load
kinematic mounts for science
and industrial applications.

Improve performance, reduce O&M costs, enable new capabilities.

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